Do your have a turn-key operation?

Do you ever have to do this? We can help…

  • We eradicate all dysfunction from small business lodging & hospitality operation
  • What dysfunction exists in your business that you would want eliminated?
  • Do you as an owner feel you have no control over your small business operation?
  • Do your customers have no control over their experiences and interactions with your operation?
  • Did you know that all the dysfunction in your operation will find itself in your financial bottom line?
  • How do you communicate with your employees of what your expectations are of their behaviors, responsibilities of what they do and how they do it?
  • How do your employees communicate with you of what improvements could be made to your operation?
  • Do you perform certain tasks that you wish someone on your staff could do, but no one could do it as well as you can?
  • Do you constantly need to remind your employees to do things in a certain way every day, like a broken record?
  • Do your customers / clients ever complain to you that the job your staff did wasn’t up to their expectations?
  • Do you have a people-dependent or system-dependent business operation?
  • Do you feel like a slave to you business?
  • Do you work all the time in your business?
  • Do you need a vacation, but can’t leave your business?
  • Do you have employees that simply don’t care?

Our Great Result:

  • Eradicate all dysfunction from small business operation
  • Communicate with your employees of what your expectations are
  • Your employees communicate with you about improvements that could be made to your operation
  • Give control to your customers over the experience they receive constantly and consistently
  • You can go on vacation and not have to close down your business for a week or so, your customers will thank you for being open

Our process for delivering that great result:

  • Communicate
  • Concentrate
  • Collaborate with employees and owner / operator
  • Document systems & procedures
  • Implement best practices
  • Teach employees
  • Emancipate owners
  • Eradicate all dysfunction

Our promise to the small restaurant business owner / operator:

  • You could be as successful as an owner / operator of a McDonald’s franchise!
  • You could be as successful as the franchiser of McDonald’s!
  • You will be emancipated from the operation that has enslaved you from the outset
  • Your operation would deliver control to your customers over their experience in a constant and constant basis
  • You have complete control over your small business operation even in your absence
  • Your operation become system-dependent instead of people-dependent
  • Your business operation would become scaleable with exponential growth
  • Turn your job into an investment, an investment that could be sold for more money than it could be sold for right now
  • Create the prototype and then scale it with exact replicates of that prototype